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Business Mentoring and Sparring

Business Savo’s core service is Business Mentoring and Sparring.

Business Savo helps you in finding the right people and professionals who can assist further to focus on your core business. We offer training and consulting services to the companies as well as entrepreneurs, especially micro and small companies. The services are tweaked according to the clients needs and requirements.

The other key services are:

  • Consulting
  • Workforce and recruitment training
  • Business trading
  • Reboot-Project
  • Skill workshops 2020- Project
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International Trade Professionals Training

The search for the next international trade experts is now open!

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Last but not the least, Business Savo has been easing out the painstaking task of applying for fundings/grants by assisting the companies as well as entrepreneurs for several years. The few example cases could be:

  • designing thoughts and ideas
  • preparing development and implementation plans
  • acquisition of networks and partners
  • designing business development and internationalization activities
  • coordination and reporting of company development entities
  • payment application
  • planning educations
  • trainings implementation
  • competence development

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Petra Ryymin

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