Business Mentoring and Sparring

Business Mentoring & Sparring

The consultant’s job is to challenge the client as well as think big and differently. Regardless of size, no company will benefit if the consulting does not provide any conclusive information. Often, pre-conceptions and prior experiences can influence the use of consulting services by small and medium enterprises.
Consulting takes both time and money and therefore, it is important to find the right consultant or sparring partner for yourself and for your company rather than hiring an inexperienced consultant.

Business Analysis

The analysis of the current situation of a business is the first thing we are going to do together. Perhaps, the first question would be ‘from where to start?’. In brief, defining the goals by knowing what have you done so far and what you are aiming for?

The current status analysis is a brief description of:

  • the company’s current status including, company analysis
  • business idea
  • products and services
  • financial situation and resources
  • strategy planning
  • preparing business development and implementation plan
  • acquisition of networks and partners

Coordination and Management

If your company needs comprehensive project coordination and management, which is committed to a longer period (guidance on payment applications, internal financial monitoring, and reporting, project management), a schedule and quotation will be prepared separately.

If you need assistance in reorienting an existing strategy or want to sharpen/start the company’s board work, then we will be happy to assist you. A schedule and quotation will be prepared separately.

Through DiSC analysis we offer your company

  • support in achieving business goals
  • solutions for business challenges
  • improve interactions between the teams
  • help in finding one’s own strengths, for example, business leaders, supervisors, entrepreneurs

The best thing about coaching is insight. We all have latent potential and solutions to problems whenever we want to find them. Our job is to help you think, that is where the answers are usually found.

Consultation costs

Based on results, either we will continue the company’s development and get to know each other, or we will state that it is not a time for the development yet. The first stage for your company will cost 1000 € – 2500 € (+ VAT 24%), depending on how long it takes to perform the current situation analysis (maximum of two working days).

After the first step, you will decide whether you want to move on or not.

Feel free to contact us for more information!

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