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from 15.10.2020 

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Petra Ryymin, henkilökuva

Petra Ryymin CEO/ActionWoman

Best time to reach me is on weekdays between 8– 17 (8 am to 5 pm). 
You can also send text messages or reach with WhatsApp.

Huynh Nguyen, Business Development Manager

Akanksha Ahuja, Business Development Manager

Päivi Eskelinen, Oivalluttaja/ International Business Strategist

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Presenting ActionWoman (IN FINNISH)

Olen monipuolisen osaamisen omaava yrityskehittäjä, jolla on laaja koulutuksen ja työn sekä yrittämisen kautta hankittu asiantuntija-, koordinointi- ja johtamisosaaminen. Olen auttanut yrityksiä kasvun- ja kansainvälistymisen polulla yhteensä noin 15 vuoden ajan ja asiakkainani on ollut satoja yrityksiä. Omaksun nopeasti uudet asiat ja siten pääsen myös nopeasti alkuun uudessa projektissa ja tulosten saavuttamisessa.

Kaikessa tekemisessäni olen päässyt verkostoitumaan laajasti ja oppinut paljon. Olen toiminut ja toimin erikokoisten yritysten neuvonantajana, sparraajana, konsulttina, johtotehtävissä, markkinointitehtävissä ja asiantuntijaroolissa. Tämän lisäksi olen toiminut ja toimin koulutussuunnittelijana ja kouluttajana sekä yksilöiden osaamista edistävien koulutusten että yritysten koulutusten osalta.
Minulla on erinomainen osaaminen yritysten kasvu- ja kansainvälistymishankkeiden projektointiin ja rahoittamisen hakemiseen, josta asiakkaani hyötyvät. Yrityskehittämis- ja hankeosaamiseni on vahvaa sekä toteuttajan että rahoittajan puolelta.
Rakastan asiakastyötä ihmisten parissa ja nautin siitä, kun yritykset ja yksilöt kehittyvät ja menestyvät.
Minun tehtäväni on auttaa sinua menestymään!

Huynh Nguyen, Business Development Manager

I have a diverse working experience and multicultural knowledge in international business. I have been involved in different industries, particularly education, information technology, business consultancy, furniture manufacturing. I hold an MSc degree in Health & Business from the University of Eastern Finland.

I have successfully carried out several international projects in Vietnam, Italy, and Finland during the professional working period, where I have been living and working. My expertise are in market research, market-entry, market analysis, business leads, business partners, distribution channels, as well as digital sales & marketing activities. 

I am thrilled to bring my professional expertise to embark on international business success with practical and driven-value results. I drive to turn one simple idea into a potential plan with targets. My interesting markets are Nordics & Southeast-Asia. 

I am energetic, trustworthy, and comfortable to talk. If you are a company seeking new markets or even an entrepreneur looking for a need to boost your business, I am always willing to have a chat.

Akanksha Ahuja, Business Development Manager

Analyzing markets and businesses are the two elements that define my expertise. I have a prime interest in developing business co-operations around the world. I have worked on several projects that include planning marketing strategies, finding international partners or distributors, and overall assisting them to expand businesses in their respective target markets. 

I have diverse professional experience as well as extensive knowledge of understanding the markets and customers’ needs, mainly in Asia, the USA, Canada, and Germany. Moreover, I am an expert in creating hybrid marketing strategies especially for but not limited to Business to Business companies (B2B) with hands-on experience in writing content for social media platforms.

I am an easy-going, positive, and flexible person who excels in new challenges. I love to meet and work with people from different cultures and backgrounds. I will be delighted to share my knowledge and experiences with the companies to boost their international sales.

Päivi Eskelinen, Oivalluttaja/ International Business Strategist

Päivi Eskelinen, Inspirer/ International Business Strategist

International business development and marketing depict the best my professional strengths. I have worked in marketing, international sales and cross-cultural communication over 30 years. My assignments consist of selling software to international telecommunication companies, creating and implementing international go-to-market plans for a ground building machinery manufacturer and helping international teams finding their way in the maze of communication culture challenges.

In addition to working with Finns, my assignments have taken me to Australia, Germany, India, Japan, Singapore, and United Kingdom. My customers have found new business opportunities and export channels through my international network. Finnish and English are my business languages.

Coaching and inspiring people is an essential part of my international business development and marketing work. I am a determined, goal-oriented and flexible doer. When push comes to shove, I drive toward goals with confidence and determination without neglecting the importance of teamwork and focus on sustainable decisions.

Joy and inspiration combined with hands-on doing are my values. When they are bundled together to work for the benefit of Your company goals, good outcomes can be ensured!

Ready to start with us?

Viivi Väisänen, Digital marketing specialist

Creative mind and tech-savviness took me on the path toward digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Websites, search engine optimization and digital advertising are my special skills, although I also love to plan marketing beyond digital aspects.

I am a Bachelor of Business Administration in International business, but already in school my heart was in digital marketing. However, education in English together with exchange in Hungary make it possible to serve international clients as well. I am also an alumna in International Trade Professionals Training. My previous profession is a seamstress.

It was only yesterday, when I realized I am an introvert. You see, I love being around people, but I need a lot of time on my own afterwards. Thus, you will most likely find me walking in the forest during autumn.

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