Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence will assist companies in analyzing and exploring the target markets

The market intelligence service helps in understanding the insights of the market, a company is aiming for. We accelerate the companies’ internationalization process and help them to develop their services as well as expand their operations in their target market areas.

An in-depth analysis will be provided consisting of all the key information, needed to develop the action plan for the market they are aiming for.

The market intelligence service includes:

  • market research- exploring, insights, knowledge
  • customers segments, their needs as well as requirements
  • competitor analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • partner search- finding potential partners, or distributors in the target market
  • pricing strategy
  • legal regulations, licensing, and certifications
  • designing business development and internationalization activities

The above-listed contents are some of the examples of the market Intelligence service. You can see more details here.

We have made it easy for you by putting together all the Useful Links for Internationalization needed by companies in one place. We will further help you to move forward with your plans quickly and profitably.

Market Intelligence service starts from 5,000 € (+ VAT 24%) / market (usually by market). The price of the service is variable and always depends on how long it will take to carry out the research work. This service is always designed in collaboration with the customers, according to their needs.

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