Training & education

Workforce and Recruitment Training

The company sales are increasing, job vacancies have been advertised but still, it is challenging to find a skillful workforce. The applicants should have the right attitude to learn but to succeed at work, additional training is always needed. In this scenario, recruitment training comes into the picture which is supported by the employment office (TE-Palvelu). The training will strengthen the applicants’ competence that is aligned with the company’s requirements. Business Savo also provides guidance on career planning. We will be happy to help you to take this forward. 

Staff Training

The company may need to train their existing personnel for new jobs or for changing situations. Business Savo can plan educations and implement training to develop the competence of the personnel.

Acquisition of Skilled Labor

We also help with matters related to the acquisition of skilled labor. Finding and reaching a skilled workforce can sometimes be challenging. Sometimes it is also difficult to determine the real need for labor with questions like; What kind of expertise are needed for my company? How do I find just the right expert for us? and so on.

Interaction and Communication

This training will give you insights about you and how your behavior portrays to other people. Every person has different behavior and this training will help you to understand your perception and attitude that can influence others. To respect indifferences and value individuals, empowering other people’s ability and create a better environment at the workplace. Our expert Sanna-Liisa Kiiskinen can help you in analyzing as well as understanding yourself.

Cross-cultural Communication

Companies need training and mentoring in every phase of their development, especially in the area of cross-cultural communication, when a company decides to go international. If a company wants to exceed in their international business operations, it is extremely important to understand the different cultures and backgrounds. Our expert Päivi Eskelinen can help you to enhance your knowledge as well as expertise to make your international cooperation valuable and profitable.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the need of every company today. It helps you to keep a track of your actions and campaigns, giving you the ability to reach the global markets. It is one of the most exciting, measurable as well as cost-effective marketing tools. Business Savo not just strongly recommends the use of digital marketing tools to its customers but also educates 

its usage to its customers. Our expert Viivi Väisänen can give you the vision for making the most out of the digital marketing campaigns.

Other Training Entities

Situations are often changing in a company and it is sometimes challenging to implement the training in those varying situations. Therefore, entrepreneurs can develop themselves while applying to either degree-oriented training or competence development programs. The training programs are limitless and therefore, Business Savo is here to guide you in the right direction. Business Savo also acts as a mentor i.e; workplace trainer in entrepreneurial apprenticeships.

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