Business Concept Design

Designing thoughts and ideas

After analyzing the company’s situation, the next step comes the closer scrutiny of your business, which will include the company’s growth or internationalization strategy or probably some changes to your business plan. 

The designing procedure includes:

  • updating the company’s business plan and reviewing the strategy
  • preparing a plan for the future with measures
  • analyzing the need for redesigning the business model
  • exploring options for implementing and financing planned resources and other investments
  • making a project plan according to the chosen funding option and then applying
  • preparing growth-related financing and investment plans and applications
  • payment applications
  • preparing the marketing plan according to the customers’ needs that also includes digital marketing, photos, and videos bank, content writing, and so on

The service will cost 1250€/day (+ VAT 24%). Our services are always designed in consideration of our customers’ needs.

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