Funding Support

Funding Application Support

With support in funding applications, companies will have the opportunity to grow and develop their business operations nationally as well as internationally

Companies can now get sparring and Advisory services free of charge through public services. For example one can get free of charge guidance from Finnish Enterprise Agencies.

Government organizations provide budget-friendly business development services. Entrepreneurs can choose whether they need assistance in product analysis or consultation on different topics.

Several funding programs are available for companies who are seeking financial help to develop either their products and services or expanding business operations globally.

Business Savo can help you in finding the right funding program that fits your needs as well as can assist you with the application process. The development of the companies is supported by various public financial instruments in Finland.

  • ELY provides Grants for the company-specific development entities that can be acquired such as:
    • Rural Business Support is financial support for the company’s development of operations and investments, particularly start-up aid, investment support, and investment feasibility study
  • Business Finland provides loans and Grants to companies seeking internationalization. It also provides other funds such as:
    • Market Explorer funding is for the small and mid-size companies who are in the early stages of internationalization or seeking new international markets for their products, services, or business models
    • Group Explorer funding is for business groups to assess joint business opportunities in export markets by Purchasing from a service provider
    • Talent Explorer funding provides financial help to hire an international expert / Talent as well as aiming for new export markets
    • Exhibition Explorer  is a grant to trade fair projects outside Finland
  • Finnvera also supports companies financially for their development. Business Savo helps you move forward in finding the right help and supports your growth story with your expertise
  • Regional statistics and plans in Savo can be found at Foresavo

Business Savo's services

Business Savo Oy’s services are chargeable (except skill employment service, which is free of charge). The consultation prices can be found here

The training Implementations and long-term consulting services will be charged separately.

The price for the funding support services depends on the time spend, daily charge starts from 1,250 € (+ VAT 24%). Our services are always designed in consideration of our customers’ needs.

Feel free to contact us for more information!

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