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Company values are important as they give employees a sense of security, guidance for work as well as the ability to make the right decisions. The 5C’s of Business Savo are customer-centric which focus on developing the customers’ business sustainably, profitably, and internationally.

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Petra Ryymin, CEO/ActionWoman

Experienced ActionWoman at Your service! If You are interested in doing business or developing your business or You want to expand your business abroad and do international business, please contact me. I will do my best to help You find cooperation with other entrepreneurs and business experts in the area and help you with business funding. I t is my passion to help you succeed!

Akanksha Ahuja, Business Development Manager

Analyzing markets and businesses are the two elements that define my expertise. I have a prime interest in developing business co-operations around the world. I have worked on several projects that include planning marketing strategies, finding international partners or distributors, and overall assisting them to expand businesses in their respective target markets. 

I have diverse professional experience as well as extensive knowledge of understanding the markets and customers’ needs, mainly in Asia, the USA, Canada, and Germany. Moreover, I am an expert in creating hybrid marketing strategies especially for but not limited to Business to Business companies (B2B) with hands-on experience in writing content for social media platforms.

I am an easy-going, positive, and flexible person who excels in new challenges. I love to meet and work with people from different cultures and backgrounds. I will be delighted to share my knowledge and experiences with the companies to boost their international sales.

Huynh Nguyen, Business Development Manager

I have a diverse working experience and multicultural knowledge in international business. I have been involved in different industries, particularly education, information technology, business consultancy, furniture manufacturing. I hold an MSc degree in Health & Business from the University of Eastern Finland.

I have successfully carried out several international projects in Vietnam, Italy, and Finland during the professional working period, where I have been living and working. My expertise are in market research, market-entry, market analysis, business leads, business partners, distribution channels, as well as digital sales & marketing activities. 

I am thrilled to bring my professional expertise to embark on international business success with practical and driven-value results. I drive to turn one simple idea into a potential plan with targets. My interesting markets are Nordics & Southeast-Asia. 

I am energetic, trustworthy, and comfortable to talk. If you are a company seeking new markets or even an entrepreneur looking for a need to boost your business, I am always willing to have a chat.

Sanna-Liisa Kiiskinen, Freelancer/author/coach

My career has gone into the advertising agency world, through bookstore management and adult education to my current role as a freelancer. People, phenomena, and wonder are the catalysts that get me excited over and over again.
I work in my own area of strength in communication and interaction coaching. I have coached a variety of groups and organizations through the DiSC profile to increase the understanding of human diversity as well as to improve the interaction between the teams. In the world of adult education, I helped supervisors, business leaders, and entrepreneurs in finding their own strengths. A nice addition to that combo gives the coach qualification – supervisor and career coaching is my most invigorating field.
The best thing about coaching is insight. We all have latent potential and solutions to problems whenever we want to find them. My job is to help you think. That is where the answers are usually found. Feel free to contact us, your life can take a whole new direction!

Viivi Väisänen, Digital marketing expert

Creative mind and tech-savviness took me on the path toward digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Websites, search engine optimization and digital advertising are my special skills, although I also love to plan marketing beyond digital aspects.

I am a Bachelor of Business Administration in International business, but already in school my heart was in digital marketing. However, education in english together with exchange in Hungary make it possible to serve international clients as well. I am also an alumna in International Trade Professionals Training. My previous profession is a seamstress.

It was only yesterday, when I realized I am an introvert. You see, I love being around people, but I need a lot of time on my own afterwards. Thus, you will most likely find me walking in the forest during autumn.

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