International Trade Professionals Training

Are you a highly educated professional and interested in international trade-related jobs?

We are looking for new talents and companies!

During this training, you can assist the participating companies in international trade, customer relationship management, marketing, business development, digital marketing, business development, target market mapping, subcontracting or aftersales services, networking, or newly established office processes.

Training program: International Trade Professionals Training

Time: 30.11.2020 – 01.06.2021 (holiday period: 23.12.2020 – 03.01.2021)

Application period: by 1.11.2020

Training venue / Trainers: Business Savo Oy (Kuopio) / will be noticed soon

Additional information: Please send your own applications (free-form) to Petra Ryymin, , and clearly explain which company you are interested in (if finding a suitable company), why you would like to work, and what kind of professional skills you have. Click here to make an official application to Te-Office.

Selection process

We will continuously review the applications during the application period, and the final decision will be made immediately after that period expires. A total of eight candidates will be selected for the training.

  • Pre-selection: 02.11.2020
  • Interview: 05.11.2020
  • Decision: 06.11.2020

You also can get more information about the training through Messilive broadcast on 20.10.2020 at 14.00,

Application criteria

The training is intended for the unemployed or at a high risk of unemployment, seeking employment in business development and/or international trade/marketing. The candidates should hold a degree in business, technical, or other relevant degrees (in a college/university).

Training aims

The training aim is to find highly skilled professionals for companies targeting international markets. Those professionals will assist the companies in global sales, customer relationship management, digital marketing, business development, target market mapping, subcontracting or after sales services, networking, or newly established office processes. They primarily focus on the customer journey and market mapping with supporting digital tools/channels in order to manage digital distribution channels in an international operating environment. 

The training is also aimed at increasing candidates’ professional skillsets in the areas mentioned above to find employment in training companies.

Training contents

The training contents will be tailor-made which are suitable for participating companies’ requirements and selected candidates. Here are topics which will be covered during the training:

  • Working life skills, job-searching methods, and career planning
  • Personal branding and digital job search
  • Business development
  • Digital business
  • Project planning, management, and administration
  • International business
  • Customer journey, market surveys, and digital distribution channels
  • On-the-job training and working life project


Training period

  • Theory period: 30.11.2020 – 04.01.2021 (total of 25 days)
  • On-the-job training: 05.01-2021 – 31.05.2021. (total of 95 days, during this period, all participants will meet six times which are 22.01, 12.02, 05.03, 26.03, 16.04, and 07.05.2021)

Closing day & ceremony: 01.06.2021. (All candidates will receive a certificate for training completion during that day)

Training materials

All materials will be provided during the training period. We will use digital materials as much as possible, further with some visiting trips to different experts and SMEs within the Kuopio region. 

The training materials are practical with some examples from existing companies and visiting entrepreneurs, from whom candidates can get more knowledge.

On-the-job training

The contents of the-on-job training are customized following each trainee and participating company’s demands. Each trainee will have an opportunity to design a development project which includes a concrete implementation plan for the company growth/internationalization, with further potential into practice and possibly apply for funding.  

Detailed development tasks are further agreed on the training company, for example, analysing the company, evaluating and assessing the internationalization conditions, designing a development plan, drawing up customer journey mapping, market mapping, and identifying suitable distribution channels.

Submit your application as soon as possible. The application period ends on 1.11.2020

For participating companies: please directly contact to Petra Ryymin:

Check out feedback from previous training: (in Finnish)

Training companies in autumn 2020

Open tab by pressing the company name

Neemo is founded by one of Finland’s best-known photographic artists, Nanna Hännine. Neemo Method helps people use creativity to find out new things and develop new ideas to change the way people work and live. The Neemo Method is a workshop facilitation method that combines creativity, abstract thinking, and photography with organizations’ development.
Currently, Neemo is looking for an intern joining the company’s international team, who can do various marketing and development tasks. Read more about the company at

NewIcon is a specialist in pharmaceutical automation systems. Hospitals and pharmacies worldwide value Finnish health technology to promote safe, efficient and rationally run pharmaceutical service. NewIcon manufactures automation systems for the storing, distribution, and dispensing of pharmaceuticals in the global market. In Finland, NewIcon is the market leader, having delivered over 200 systems to different pharmacies.

The company is now looking for an international professional committed to their values “We help people to help people,” joining their team. During the training period, you will be responsible for working on marketing & international sales supporting tasks and amongst such development. The Finnish language is not necessary. Read more about the company at

BeneOne Oy offers Finnish bonesetting therapy, massage, and mobilization for individual well-being and training. BeneOne Oy and Tarja Tirkkonen concept have EU protection for training materials, trademarks at the PRH (Finnish Patent & Registration Office), and their own contract-based concept chain. Tarja Tirkkonen Concept has already trained more than 40 independent entrepreneurs in Finland and Estonia. The company is significantly expanding its operations and planning to open new offices in Kuopio Port 02/2021.

BeneOne Oy is looking for a development professional for various tasks, including participation in new office establishment, operation management, international business development, commercialization of new products, service concepts, sales & marketing activities, and other tasks relating to multichannel communication, production, and training. If you have previous experience in implementing treatments, it will be an advantage to get a job after the training. The ideal candidate should hold a commercial or healthcare degree (or other suitable ones) and showing his/her enthusiasm and positive attitude for new tasks. Read more about the company at

Partanen & Lamusuo Oy is a Kuopio-based creative design and architecture firm. The company designs spaces, buildings, and working environments where they are right to live and work as well as to please the eye and endure everyday use. Whether it is a single space, a public building, a house, or an entire landscape, Partanen & Lamusuo Oy also works on from part to whole to create a more harmonious, more beautiful, and multi-functional world all around us.

The company is looking for a professional who will be able to work in marketing and international sales. In particular, you will work on the company’s design brand-Palad. Your tasks include mapping and building the company’s collaboration and resale network. Prior knowledge and interest in design are considered as an advantage. Also, it would help if you have a good understanding of Finnish and English.

Furthermore, you will also be in charge of promoting public works of art to international markets, so prior knowledge or interest in public art is also a bonus. 

If you are an international professional with enthusiasm and creativity, seeing challenges as opportunities to develop and be willing to learn new things, daring to ask for guidelines, and giving help to others. In that case, you are the right candidate the company is looking for. Read more about the company at and

And some other companies will be updated soon

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